Training leaders Worth Following

Image Consulting*


Helping you create a framework to reach your financial goals.

Spiritual Life

Helping you create a framework to grow in relationship with God to find your calling, purpose, & vocational direction.

Self-Leadership Development

Guiding you to grow in your knowledge of who you are, how you are, and what you do to reach life goals.


Teaching you tools to mending old wounds and get new relationships.

*These trainings can also be a done in group settings.*

Business Team Trainings

Come Together

Looking for ideas on how to get your team

working together? Come Together will create an

environment to connect team member with team

member to build synergy.

Decision Day

Team members are more successful when they know their part of the whole. Decision Day will act as a catalyst to catapult your team members into results

driven action in their area of expertise for the success of the whole team.

Common Ground

A company divided cannot stand. Common Ground

will provide your team members with the skills to

cultivate camaraderie with the mindset of one team one goal.

Leadership Discovery

Team members are only as strong as the leaders

they are following. Leadership Discovery can

transform your leadership team to having the

mindset of do as I do.

Service Details
  • Each training or coaching will be customized to fit

your needs.

● Participants will walk away with

practical skills that can be

implemented immediately.

  • Each session offers interactive,

hands-on, and reflective components

for perennial learning.

● Participants will answer the question

am I worth following.