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Bridging Passion to Purpose

About Us

We are a international career agency with a core mission of placing management level leaders on the path to bridge

their passion to purpose in their dream career.


Whether you are an individual searching for your dream career or an organization eager to find a stellar candidate,

Higher for Hire is the destination for your dream to be realized.  

We offer...



Helping you to assess your character, uncover untapped natural ability, and appropriate your skill set for positions.

Guidance to realize your dream career.

Leading you through mapping out your passions to match you with your heartbeat company.

A vetting process that leads with assessing candidates character, illuminating their natural ability, and highlighting their appropriate skill sets for your position.

Guidance to realize your dream candidate.

The ability to understand the heartbeat of your company and identify candidates that match your rhythm.

Our Clients

“Ertasha has an amazing ability to 

speak into the lives of people and push 

potential into purpose!”

              ~Freedom Church, Lead Pastor Robert White

Want to hear more about how Higher for Hire can guide you to your dreams?

Ertasha A. Jackson
Lead Career Agent

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