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Journey to Purpose

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Learn how Dev-in can empower your organization members.

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Getting Unstuck

Moving Forward

Are you feeling stuck and are not sure how you got here? Do you find yourself asking, "Where am I? Why am I still here?" If this is you I want to help you discover what is keeping you at a standstill and how you can move forward. We all have a purpose but sometimes we allow disappointments, failures, and fear to keep us from reaching that purpose. This interactive workshop will help you to identify where you got stuck and I will walk this journey with you to create a plan to move forward.

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Relationship Connections

Secure Connections

Have you ever heard the saying you are the sum total of the 5 people that you spend the most time with? I agree with this saying, but I would like to take your thinking a step further and say you are the sum total of the few people you have allowed to damage you. Holding on to unresolved relationship issues can cloud your vision on life.  To clear your vision join me in an interactive workshop where we will check the security of our relationships, examine the health of our relationships, and experience emotional release from bad relationships.

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Bridging Passion to Purpose

All For Purpose

Go with me..... You have been on your job for several years and have dreaded every Sunday night thinking about Monday morning. You have tons of business ideas but have no clue on where to start to implement them. You feel like your life lacks purpose. Why not take a workshop on how to connect your Passion and Purpose? Bridging Passion to Purpose provides an opportunity for you to find out your passions, great ideas, talents and strengths. The question we will answer is “how can you bridge them all together to develop an action plan to making your dreams a reality?”

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Make Your Money Behave

Are you looking to whip your money in to shape? Then Dev-in Image invites you to Make Your Money Behave a budgeting workshop. This interactive workshop will give you the confidence to master your money by taking the fear out of making a budget.

Participants will walk away with:

-Understanding their money personality

-The importance of having a budget

-Tips/Tools on how to create a budget

Most importantly.......

-A budget that can be implemented next month 

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