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Staff Trainings

Classroom Management

Who’s Managing Who? will help your teachers understand the importance of setting expectations, teacher presence, and creating a management plan.

Classroom Environment to Motivate

The Interactive Classroom will provide

teachers with strategies on how to get their

student’s motivation motor going.

Student Led Instruction

Creating Student Leaders will help teachers

understand how to become a true facilitator

by allowing students to take ownership of

their learning.

Classroom Systems

Well Oiled Machine will help your teachers know

the importance of classroom systems, how to

create them,and make a plan of action for


Lesson Planning 1.0

Teaching teachers the fundamentals of lessoning planning and lesson design.

Lesson Planning 2.0

Teaching teachers how to create an experience for their students with their engagement as

the only


Relationship Building

Being to Being will give your teachers the foundational principles of how to build quality teacher to student relationships.

Custom Training

Teacher Worth Following offers custom leadership training for your staffing needs.



New Teacher Worth Following Academy

New Teacher Worth Following Academy is an instructional and emotional support net to help you build and retain your teachers.

Services include:

Five once a month after school trainings* for up to 14 teachers and two days of in class coaching support for 4 teachers.



      Choose 5:   Classroom Management        Classroom Environment to Motivate

                          Lesson Planning 1.0               Lesson Planning 2.0

                          Classroom Systems 1.0          Building Relationships

                          Custom Training* (client designed)


*Clients may choose trainings in their training package

*Only 1 custom training per training package

Service Guarantee
  • Each training will be customized to fit

your organization’s needs.

     ● Participants will walk away with

practical skills that can be

implemented immediately.

  • Each session offers interactive,

hands-on, and reflective components

for perennial learning.

             ● Participants will be able to reflect on the question:

Am I becoming a teacher worth following?

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